Management Trainee

We believe that the success and growth of Mega Insurance is determined by Human Resources, and this can only be achieved through the growth of Mega Insurance’s employee. We also believe that every employee is a valuable asset that has the capacity to drive the company forward. Therefore the regeneration of qualified employees is crucial to achieve sustainable growth and continuous improvement. Our implementation of Good Corporate Governance and HR policies is in these three pillars:

  1. Getting the appropriate human resources , qualified and committed.
  2. Develop appropriate human resources , qualified and committed.
  3. Maintaining appropriate human resources , qualified and committed.

To implement that ideas, currently we are looking for the best potential people who are a highly motivated to be part of our winning team in General Insurance, Health Insurance & Sharia Insurance, in Management Trainee Program. In this program you will follow 24 months of Learning Process, On Job Training, Projects Accomplishment, Mentoring & Coaching from Senior Management, and Performance Evaluation to become Mega Insurance’s Future Leader with:

  • Permanent Status
  • Attractive & Competitive Remuneration
  • Cash Reward
  • Asian Travel
  • General Insurance’s Certifications (AAAIK & AAIK)
  • Lean Six Sigma Certifications.

Here are the qualifications:

  1. Male / Female, Single, Max. 27 years old (in Dec 31 2015)
  2. Master Degree (Fresh Graduate) or with max. 2 years experiences after graduate from Bachelor Degree Program.
  3. GPA Min. 3.3 (scale 4.0) of reputable University, Preferable Major from Economics, Management, Engineering, IT, Law, Psychology, Science, Public Health.
  4. Leadership skill proven in organizational experiences/extracurricular activities,
  5. Excellent communication skill.
  6. Good communication skill in English for both oral and written, having English certification (TOEFL/IELTS) is preferred.
  7. Strong analytical thinking, Initiative, and having passion to work extra mile.
  8. Adaptable and capable of multitasking
  9. Able to work as a team or as an individual.

For more information about Mega Insurance Management Trainee Program just click www.experdfresh.com/megainsurance